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C4-C4S (1922-1926)
Perhaps aware that specialising in expensive luxury cars would be insufficient to sustain the company's financial health, Gabriel Voisin launched a small model at the 1921 salon.
The C4 was to be the smallest sleeve valve Voisin, its entire chassis shorter than the wheelbase of the V12 C2 prototype with which it shared the company's stand at the 1922 Paris salon.


The saloon version had an uncompromisingly functional angular body, but the model was also offered with attractive four-seater torpedo coachwork.
Few changes were made for the 1923 model year, apart from minor cosmetic improvements and a two horsepower increase in output. Front wheel brakes were offered as an option, and sports torpedo and coupé de ville variants were added to the range. The C4 also had a number of regional competition successes.

More significant change came in 1924, with the introduction of the C4S.
Its larger (1,328cc) capacity hiked the output by 10% to 33 bhp, front wheel brakes came as standard equipment, and starting the engine was rendered noiseless by the fitment of a Dynastar dynamo/starter motor to the front of the crankshaft (the latter allowing the casual observer to tell a C4S from a C4 at a glance).
Changes to the styling and interior, together with a new sports torpedo body, completed the transformation.

Minor bodywork changes were introduced for 1925, the model's final year of production.