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( From our correspondent Josef W. )
Here is a C4S which we are going to follow the restoration.

First, the exit from the barn, which apparently took place with no problem.
So here is C4S, #5641, an automobile bought in 1924 by a banker for his wife, but she didn 't use it very much and the car was garaged before going back, doubtless, to Voisin workshops in 1929. It seems whether it is at this moment that the car lost its " angles vifs " to get others, more rounded off and in sync with the fashion of the end of the 20s.

After a few hundreds kilometers, arrived in another barn for engine examination

Thus she was dressed in round angles, with 6 side windows, a windscreen cap and a back trunk, conversions which were realized with economy and know-how, according to the car restorer. Besides the body modifications, the car probably received new wheels at the same time, changing the original 765 X 105 to 775 X 145, equiping the C7 and the early C11.


Before emigrating towards Vienna, the C4S abandoned her engine and gearbox somewhere in France for a complete repair, it needed it.

The chassis and the body are now at the pre-restoration stage in Austria. And this allowed to make an inventory of the car condition, and discover for example that a mouses family had installed its nest there, making some interior fabric one of its favourite dishes, the meat safe installed by these rodents has provoked a departure of rust not to be neglected.
It seems that the assembly of the rear part of the fabric is rather complex, a challenge for the saddlery works to come. As often, the color of origin was localized in several places of the car, she was dark blue in 1924.

And the current owner faces to the usual dilemma, to opt for a restoration to her current form, dating 1929, respecting the history of the vehicle, but in a short-lived fashion shape, or to return to the origins and to restore the 1924 " angles vifs " body which is rather Voisin and historically more interesting.

Because of the important restoration to come, the balance seems to tilt towards the origin, this work which would be, at first sight, no more complicated than the 1929 option.

To be continued...

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