The Voisin planes
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The 'Great War' (1914-1918)

The Voisin LAS bomber, with its all-metal airframe..
...on display at the Musée de l'Air et de l'Espace at le Bourget.

Escadrille Voisin


It's hard to believe, but these enormous triplanes...

...were constructed a mere eight years after the first closed-circuit kilometre machine!


Designed by Gabriel Voisin in conjunction with engineer Alexander Nemirovsky and Dr Tilmant, the prototype air ambulance called L' Aérochir...

...was based on the Voisin X bomber airframe, modified with pods to accommodate the injured on stretchers and a complete field hospital.

There is a lot to say about Gabriel Voisin and planes, I will have, perhaps, to write more about it...

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